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My Unoa are not RECASTS

Ok, I moved house, my BJDs are being stored at my parent’s house so THEY DIDN’T BREAK IN TRANSIT and I can unpack and sort things until I have that nice clear place to display them.

This is WHY you haven’t seen photos of Himitsu and Noeru. They arrived to my Parent’s house just before the move and even I haven’t gotten a chance to see them properly (besides the whole check for breakages or missing items)

Anyway, Himitsu and Noeru are UNOA. And apparently in this “climate” because you haven’t seen them. I must be hiding them. Because, they are recasts?

Why are people bothering to email me at all about this? My Unoa are official. They are preowned - came with official box - default release items and were both bought from Yahoo Japan.

I just haven’t got a chance to “play” and photograph them yet. Unoa were my grail doll for so very long and I waited, researched and held out for a time where I could treat myself to one. Which was my Lusis.

But because I bought her secondhand and on a auction that stayed low (because there were many unoa going up that week) I came under my budget and bought my Sist boy too.

Why am I getting bothered by some friends tipping me off what was said in a general sense on a confession blog and how from that “some people” are judging my Unoa.

I’m so hurt I could cry. My Unoa are so special to me that it feels horrible to think someone/some people are assuming that I can’t be that lucky, that I must of “cheated”?

Hey, I also have a SD Mimi that I haven’t photographed yet either. Want to judge her quality too? Feel free, her previous owner wasn’t too caring and she has yellowing, staining despite being not all that old.

Is it wrong to want to wait for the right time to spend time to enjoy your BJDs? It’s getting ridiculous that not spamming your BJD all about equals MUST BE RECAST… Jeez, we have gotten so hateful and suspicious.


I'm going to be a Unoa-Mama!!!

A freakin' UNOA!

I'm so excited! I've only been wanting one since er...2006.

I never thought it was going to happen. Unoas are nice grails, many people just wish. But you know what, it's become easier and easier over the years to get Alchemic Labo dolls. Huzzah!

It'll be busy dollwise in the house in the next month. I have that potential Unoa addition and 2 Dollfie Dreams. All in All, might be easier as they'll use the same stores for wigs and eyes.
That's DDs number 5 and 6.

I'm hoping I score this Lusis. Always loved Lusis. Always wanted one but just about chose a Sist the other day as I felt I liked the look of Sist more.

But I thought it over and the younger me from years past told me it was Lusis I'd treasure the most.

I think I'll want more Unoa releases to add to my family though.

[Big Doll Day - Part 4] Odeco Darlings

I'm now an Odeco Mama of three [awaiting a fourth]

My first Odeco, Pookie (I LOVE ODECO-CHAN)

[Big Doll Day] Pookie

Then Dixie (Air-hostess)

[Big Doll Day] Dixie 2

and my newbie, Lottie (Vacation Vacance)

[Big Doll Day] Lottie 1

[Big Doll Day] Lottie 5

and all together, so cute!

[Big Doll Day] Odeco Darlings 2

[Big Doll Day] Odeco Darlings 1

[Big Doll Day - Part 3] Marin

[Big Doll Day] Scooter-top Marin 4


With my pearls...

[Big Doll Day] Marin + Mama's Pearls 2

[Big Doll Day] Marin + Mama's Pearls 5

[Big Doll Day] Marin + Mama's Pearls


[Big Doll Day] Marin outside 5

[Big Doll Day] Marin outside 4

[Big Doll Day] Marin outside 9

[Big Doll Day] Marin outside 6

[Big Doll Day] Marin outside 10

She is freakin' glorious! I totally spammed Flickr with her pics.

[Big Doll Day - Part 2] Petworks

Koharu, the Kumabolo. First photos I've taken of her despite her being a family member before even the Odecos arrived. She was my first Petworks girl <3

[Big Doll Day] Koharu 1

[Big Doll Day] Koharu 3

[Big Doll Day] Koharu 2

And I got my Jossies as a gift. They arrived two days before this shoot and I opened them the day before.


[Big Doll Day] Jossie girls 1

and Honeybeth:

[Big Doll Day] Jossie girls 4

[Big Doll Day] Jossie girls 5

[Big Doll Day] Jossie girls 7

[Big Doll Day] Petworks Three 1

[Big Doll Day] Petworks Three 2

[Big Doll Day - Part 1] Amity Hirasawa

My DDH-02 on a DD-Dynamite body. Faceup by Anouc [Miro]

[Big Doll Day] Amity 1

[Big Doll Day] Amity 2

[Big Doll Day] Amity 3

I'm crazy in love with her, she's no longer a floating body-less head and Miro really caught her personality. DDH-02 have a tendency to look super-annoyed, but she's got a really thoughtful, dreamy look.

Licca-bodied Seller Sisters

Mim's GET WELL package [week 1]

Mim sent me a post-op package of love. There is a present in there to open each week to bring a smile to my face, how lovely is that? Mim is a brilliantly fab nice person.

Week One - PJs for resting up in bed

Sacha week 1's modelCollapse )